In Fear and Faith - Bite The Bullet

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Исполнитель: In Fear and Faith

Название песни: Bite The Bullet

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Дата добавления: 2014-09-18

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The Abstract colors of the city solos,
All the lights will stay on, until we make it home,
Someone please save me
My makeshift wings are falling off
I'm failing you.
Please Valentine your golden tonight
Lets take this chance while we still have time
So why don't we write this down
And make this night, last FOREVER

Time is running out
Nothing gold will stay
The silence screams on and on
Because its time we're better off alive

Lungs are failing, and my pulse stops beating
And this game is killing me,
And taking the breath of you and your remorse
This is what we call love

Видео: Bite the bullet by In Fear and Faith


Bite The Bullet In Fear and Faith

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