Blind Pilot - Three Rounds And A Sound

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Исполнитель: Blind Pilot

Название песни: Three Rounds And A Sound

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Дата добавления: 2014-12-10

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Текст песни:

They're playing our song

They're playing our song

Can you see the lights?

Can you hear the hum?

Of our song

I hope they get it right

I hope we dance tonight

Before we, get it wrong

And the seasons

Will change us new

Be the best I've known

And you know me

I could not be stuck on you

If it were true

I was sleeping

My eyes were dark

Til you woke me

And told me that opening

Is just the start

It was

Now I see you, til kingdom come

You're the one I want

To see me for all the stupid shit I've done


Soil and six feet under

Killed just like we were

Before you knew you'd know me

And you know me

Blooming up from the ground

3 Rounds and a sound

Like whispering you know me

And you know me

So this was our song

This was our song

I still see the lights

I can see them

And the criss cross

Of what is true, won't get to us

Cause you know me

I could not give up on you

And the fog of what is right

Won't cover us cause you know me

I could not give up a fight

(Chorus Time)

Видео: 3 Rounds and a Sound - Blind Pilot

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